Set up your self-employment business FOR FREE with VP ADVISERS

Set up your self-employment business FOR FREE with VP ADVISERS
20 Apr 2020   

The health emergency originated by COVID-19 is causing many people to lose their jobs or forcing them to bring forward the start of an entrepreneurial project. Setting up a business as a self-employed is one of the cheapest and most interesting solutions in the short and medium term, since many activities are already allowed at the moment to be run as self-employed and in the coming weeks many others will begin the process of de-escalation from the isolation ordered by the Government

At VP ADVISERS we continue to support the self-employed businesses as we have been doing for a decade, and because of this, we continue to offer the FREE REGISTRATION for the self-employed who need to register an activity now and or in the coming weeks or months. In addition, the Government has established reduced social security quotas for new self-employed workers and tax advantages for the start of new activities.

The process is very smooth and quick and during the state of alarm we can guide you through the necessary steps via email or answer your questions by phone, without visiting the office. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are thinking of registering your self-employment at the best price.

At VP ADVISERS we will be more than glad to assist you with your new activity.

Kind regards