Written by VP   
Friday, 15 November 2013 11:46
Last February came into force The Royal Decree -Law 4/2013 of measures to support entrepreneurship and to stimulate growth and job creation. The new law estates an important measure to stimulate young people to run their own business, a € 50 flat rate for young entrepreneurs starting their professional activity , which can now be accessed if the following requirements are met:
-Self -employed person under 30 years of age.
-Self-employed by the very first time or not to be self-employed during the last 5 years.
-Not to have workers or not contract employers during the 30 months period which the entrepreneur is going to pay reduced quotas.

Then the following reductions can be applied over the autonomo payments: on the following scale :1. A reduction equivalent to 80 % of the fee during the six months immediately following the effective date of registration as self-employed , therefore , shall be paid a monthly € 51.17 fee.

2. A reduction of 50 % in the six months following the period referred to in point a) .Arriving to pay € 127.93 monthly.

3. A reduction equivalent to 30 % of the autonomo quota during the three months following the period referred to in point b ), which makes a total of € 179.10 per month.4. 30 % reduction in the 15 months following the end of the reduction period . As in the previous section, will be paid € 179.10 monthly.

Note that this also applies to the working partners of Worker Cooperatives that are in the RETA.

Last July the Social Security Department indicated that the reduced quotas shall not be applied to the Corporations managers that are listed as self-employed, even if they don't have workers.

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