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21 -October -2019 - 09:13



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On these days, lots of people are starting to think in setting up their own business or self-employment or just expand the actual they are owning into other activities. Whatever option you were wondering, it could be a great solution against the crisis if you take the correct way.


There are a lot of issues to take care when you are running your business: choosing the right kind of activity, taxes, accountancy, social security, labour issues and more. Many people have some fears about all these requirements and simply give up their future plans. In VP ADVISERS, we work in order to make all that services your activity could require easier for you.

Helping you to achieve your professional goals and helping your business to grow up.


• Self-employment:

Our company offers you one of the lowest quota in the area in taxation and accountancy for self-employed persons: from 50€ IVA included. We also offer you free registration of your self-employment activity or including new activities.


Accountancy and Taxation from 100€ IVA included. Furthermore, we are the only business in Orihuela City and Costa that as PAE Point can offer you a Faster and Cheaper* Limited Company creation service. (*) Notary and Register costs will be cheaper, the setting-up free and the process faster than with a normal limited company. Ask for more information in our office.

• Joint Ownership Company registration:

Do you have a business partner and want to run up a business with? We help you from preparing your legal private contract, to registering your activity in Tax Office and Social Security.

•Accounting & Fiscal:

Our services includes Income Tax, IVA (VAT), Non Residents Tax, Company Tax, Annual Accountancy and many more..


Every quarter we will produce your taxes and fill up the tax forms for your business. As long as applying for installments or negotiating any debt payment with the Tax Office.

• We will advise you about the deductible expenses for your business. With this you will get the lowest tax quota possible based in the operations and purchases you have.

• At the end of each quarter, we will give you a report over the activity of your business depending on the figures you gave us.

Apply for our monthly collecting service(*) for your invoices so we can visit you in your or if you prefer you can visit us in order to bring them us.  (*):Check with us availability of this service for your location

•In case you have workers contracted, we manage with the wages/payslips and the monthly Social Security payments for them as long as other labour advise you could require on contract conditions, public helps, etc.

• Helping you in any fiscal process related to your business, started by the tax office.

 • Our english speaking qualyfied staff has a large experience in business affairs. We will keep you updated over the new changes in the law and changes over taxation that could affect you.

• Sending you reports over subventions, public helps and family benefits for administrators, self-employed and workers.

 • We also manage about contacting professionals and clients in common in order to produce synergies and to give more market options to our clients.

• We will help you about how to regularize the situation over your business licences: opening licences, health authorization, handling food licence...and we put you in contact with other professionals that could help you.

• And in case you could interested in selling your business or purchase a new one or becoming a partner in other business, we could help you in the whole process with all the legal contracts and the management.