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IRNR (Non Resident Tax)

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A person who is non fiscal resident in Spain and is getting any kind of income during the year has to be declaring and paying taxes for the incomes received.The most common case is a Non Resident person who owns a holiday house or property in Spain.

Regardless of whether or not the real-estate property is leased out, income from said property shall be subject to IRNR. However, the tax treatment varies depending on whether or not the property is leased.

What is taxing the Non Resident Tax?

Non-resident taxpayers who own an urban property that is used by the owner but not for economic activities or is unoccupied shall be liable to pay IRNR. This tax has to be paid by every owner of the house in the proportion of the ownership they have and that is specified on the title deeds. 

If the property is leased for part of the year, the rental income shall be calculated for the months it is leased. And the income for the remaining months shall be calculated proportionally.

Which is the tax rate if I have a house in Spain?

If you are a non fiscal resident person and you have a house in Spain, until December 2011 the tax rate was 24%. Due to recent changes in taxation law, from 1st of January 2012 until 31st of December 2014 the tax rate is 24,75%.

Why I have to pay this tax if I am receiving a SUMA bill every year?

The SUMA biill is charging you the Local Property Tax (IBI) if you have a property at the Alicante region. It depends on each townhall to set up the tax rate for this purpose and is a different tax from the Non Resident Tax.

Not only properties

Non Resident Tax is going to be applied for other incomes you may be getting in Spain while you are non fiscal resident, as job incomes, shares, spanish pensions, bank interests, capital gains, etc. Check with us about the taxation regarding your personal situation.

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