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18 -November -2019 - 12:23



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•Conveyancing. Are you thinking in purchasing or selling a house, a commercial unit or a business? We could guide you through the whole process with our personal assistance and competitive prices. 

• Wills. If you have a property or monies in Spain maybe you want to look after you and your family future.We can prepare the will, book for an appointment at the notary and giving you the an english speasking assistance there until you sign it.

• NIE & Residence. We can also offer services in order to get your Residence, Padrón or NIE wich is essential facing many issues with banks, tax office, social security or purchasing a property in Spain.


• Traffic Managements. If you are planning to own a car you should bear in mind all the managements with the Traffic Department. Changing the property, cancel an old car, registering a new one, licence plates issues or traffic fines are just some of the areas in which we could help you.

• And many more services: Applying for Family Benefits? Does your business need to contact a company for producing the Work risks prevention plan? To hire an engineer to produce a project for your commercial unit and business? Applying for a licence in the town hall?