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Our office is a PAE, the only business office in Orihuela Costa registered at the Industry, Tourism and Commerce Ministery as PAE in order to offer FREE BUSINESS REGISTRATION (Free Self Employment Registration and Companies Formation) to all the persons that are looking for a new business life. 

What is a PAE?

Entrepreneur Advice Points and Initial Processing (PAEs) are centers that provide advice and services to entrepreneurs, during the formation ,administrative processing and implementation of business initiatives, as during the first years of its activity.
The PAE may depend on public or private entities, professional associations, business organizations or chambers of commerce.
These centers must sign an agreement with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism to act as such. The Directorate General of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises has a search engine to locate the most convenient PAEs entrepreneurs.
The PAE CIRCE relies on to create companies, specifically in one of the components that form: Electronic Processing System (DUE). Thus, when an entrepreneur chooses to begin the process of building a business from a PAE implicitly CIRCE system is using.
The PAE has a dual mission:
-Providing information and advice to entrepreneurs in defining their business initiatives and during the first years of activity of the company
-Start the administrative process of incorporation of the company through the Single Electronic Document (DUE).
Services provided by a PAE
1.Information about the characteristics of the New Limited Liability Company (SLNE), Limited Liability Company (SRL) and the self employment: legal framework, major commercial areas, tax benefits, accounting, processing systems, applicable law; also provides information on other forms of law in force in the commercial legal.
2. Processing for the establishment of companies through electronic processing system developed by the Department of Industry and SMEs, using the Single Electronic Document (DUE). This service must be provided with compulsory and free.
3. Information on grants and incentives for business creation applicable to the project..
4.Information on the applicable social security scheme, criteria for membership, affiliation, contributions, etc...
5. Information on topics of interest to businesses, such as finance, taxation, labor recruitment, internationalization,research, technological development and innovation, business cooperation, etc...Red PAE
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